The Board has been busy this summer preparing for an even better year in 2015!

One of the items on the Boards agenda this summer was to put together a Unit Handbook.  This should help everyone know what to expect and what is expected of them.  If you are registered on our website you can access the Unit Handbook below.  We encourage directors and staff of all units to review the handbook and be familiar with it.  Nothing should be a surprise, as there were no significant changes to way we have been running, just clarification to ensure everyone is educated on our process.  A few items to make note of:

  • Membership Fees and Dues: Please reference this section for fee schedule for the 2015 performance year
  • Unit Check-in: We have clarified who can check-in a unit to ensure that directors can control who receives performer bands. 
  • Unit Classification: 
    • Novice and Prep have been swapped (Prep is the first classification, followed by Novice, followed by Regional A) to align with national classifications
    • Based on the 2014 spring meeting we now have AA class.  This classification will only be offered for Scholastic groups this year.